About PlayFilms


What is PlayFilms?

PlayFilms is a brand of Cpay b.v.
PlayFilms offers unlimited movies at your fingertips, for a great price.
You have the ability to use our digital content on all devices and at the same time.
You can save more than 60% with PlayFilms.
You can access PlayFilms on all device, anytime, anywhere.


What will I find in PlayFilms’s library?

Unlimited access to exclusive movies, at your finger tips!
You can save more than 60% with PlayFilms.
Curious what you can find inside PlayFilms? You can have a sneak preview by visiting https://au.playfilmsnow.com/
Enjoy the great titles from any web-enabled device — using your preferred browser anytime, anywhere. Always ad-free.


PlayFilms plans & availability

The following membership plans will be available as of November 2018:
STANDARD PLAN - Monthly Access
This plan costs AUD $1,99 per month. Customer will have unlimited access to all a wide range of movies.
4 devices can be used at the same time.